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Tech Explorers Academy  

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics 

Apply your skills to the test. 

Scholarships for our high achieving youth 9th-12th.

Earn your badge. Redeem your Voucher  



Web Specialist 

Remote Pilot 


Applications in the workplace of tomorrow, IT jobs will grow 22% through 2020, says The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Expansions of healthcare, mobile network, software developers, support technicians and systems analysts.

  • Apple           
  • Microsoft          
  • CompTia            
  • IBM               
  • Federal Aviation Administration 

Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics

STEM After school Summer Camp & Enrichment Learning program k-12
STEM After school Summer Camp & Enrichment Learning program k-12
STEM After school Summer Camp & Enrichment Learning program k-12


Build confidence, creativity and communication skills to advance career opportunities and placement towards a career pathway. Showcase projects held annual in the stem expo, pitch competition and hackathon event. 

  • Resume Writing | Linkedin
  • Goal Setting | S.M.A.R.T & Vision Board
  • Entrepreneurship | Projects 
  • Summer Internship | Apply 


Explore and engage hands-on activities, careers and public speaking to reach more youth and families inspired in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.   


Travel aboard visiting many countries, cultures, careers and high-speed technology growing cities. Explore science, technology, engineering & mathematics travel experience and historical museums. Accommodation: Hotel, local cuisine, flight insurance & ground transportation. 

  • Japan | Dates: *** |  Fee: TBA
  • Ghana | Dates: *** | Fee: TBA
  • London | Dates: *** | Fee: TBA
  • Greece | Dates: *** | Fee: TBA
  • Germany | Dates:*** | Fee: TBA
  • Hong Kong | Dates:*** | Fee: TBA

Benefits: International round trip travel, global networking, foreign exchange and languages. 

STEM After school Summer Camp & Enrichment Learning program k-12

Community Partners        

Recycle, plant and support local environmental services, urban agriculture , schools and NGO's. Engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics projects and study aboard programs. Build creativity, motivation and cultivate a positive change in our local communities & partners. 

  • Diving lessons, receive PADI certification and scuba dive at sea. 
  • Grow your own food, aquaponic & hydroponic plant environment. 
  • Save the planet, recycle, reduce and reuse.