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Academic Enrichment Learning

Science . Technology . Engineering . Mathematics

Programs are held Monday-Friday between 3:30PM-5:30PM.  Engage in small groups building new skills and strategies or private one-on-one and individualized instructional learning. Complete beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Advanced programs required prior programming experience. All staff and members are highly trained, passed background screening, CPR & First Aid training, certified or pursuing a degree in job-related field and experienced working with youth in a professional learning environment. Online sessions, live instructor, private lessons, scout badges and sibling discounts available.  

Registration Now Open  | PromoCode 10% Off: STEM0921

Scholarships available received free or reduced lunch.

Game Design


3 - 12th Grade

Design and develop your own video game.

Robotics included.

AR & VR | Animation | Digital Music | C++ Programming and more.

Unity | Autodesk Maya | Unreal Engine | Roblox | VEX VR

Level: Advanced

Film & Media Production


3 - 12th Grade

Develop and produce a commercial or short film project.

Tripod included.

Editing | Digital Media | Sound | Visual Effects | Digital Literacy

Adobe | YouTube Channel | Blender

Level: Intermediate

Web Design


 3 - 12th Grade

Develop your own website using Python and JavaScript programming language. .

Literacy Workbook included.

Interactive Webpages | HTML | Variables | Expression | Text-Based Syntax.

Level: Intermediate

Mobile Apps


3 - 12th Grade

Programming and develop apps for hand held devices using a platform.

Literacy Workbook included.

Apple IOS | Android

Level: Advanced

STEM After school Summer Camp & Enrichment Learning program k-12
STEM After school Summer Camp & Enrichment Learning program k-12



3 - 8th Grade

Program and mod visual basic programming skills, strategies and concepts.

Micro:bits included.

Minecraft | Scratch | Tynker    

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Electronic Music Production


5 - 12th Grade

Program your own music and audio portfolio.

LittleBits included. 

Mix & Master | Digital Audio | Copyrights

GarageBand | Audacity | Earsketch

Level: Intermediate

Artificial Intelligence 


6 - 12th Grade

Program your own virtual assistant and machine learning

Face Detection | Image Recognition | Speech to Text

Arduino included.

TensorFlow | OpenCV | Scratch

Level: Advanced

Graphic Design  


 6 - 12th Grade

Develop digital logos, apparel and animated characters.  

3D Design | illustration | Visual Effects.

Sketchpad included.

Adobe |  Ultimaker | Boris FX

Level: Intermediate

Monday-Friday | 3:30PM-5:30PM

Locations: Georgia State | Kennesaw State | Florida State | American University | Cornell University | Berkeley

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